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High-Intensity Beach Training is here! If you’re looking to get in tip-top shape, build lean muscle, drop some pounds and have fun doing it while also sinking your feet in the sand then meet us at The Beach House on the beach!

Beach Clinic by Optimal fitness  uses body weight training, medicine balls, resistance bands and conditioning in a HIIT style workout AND we do it all on the sand which really boosts the intensity and produces incredible benefits! Here’s what happens when you train on sand:

  • Higher demands are placed on your muscles, naturally increasing the intensity of your workout 
  • The impact is absorbed by the sand which helps to protect your ankles, knees, hips, and back leading to a decrease in soreness after the workout
  • Explosive strength and quickness are improved because your muscles undergo a heavier workload 
  • Sand naturally increases your stability and control by engaging and working your stabilizer muscles that you don’t get while training on a stable surface
  • Fighting for stability in the sand can double the amount of calories you burn

If you enjoy getting the most value out of your time and your workout then meet us on the beach! Your body is your new sand castle… let’s get building!

Join us Fridays from 12-12:45

Sign up required using this link:

Spots are limited due to COVID restrictions

and introducing :

Full Body Burn

Outside @ The Beach House

When: Monday/Wednesday 12-12:45pm 

Starting June 7

Join Optimal Fitness this summer for a 6 week (12 session) outdoor workout where you’ll get stronger, social and sweating all in 45 minutes under the sun. In each session we’ll coach you through a full body workout incorporating weights, medicine balls, ladders, and more and you’ll meet other new Beach Housers who will become your newest training partners! We can’t wait to watch you lift, run, sweat and smile with us outside @ The Beach House for Full Body Burn!

Sign up here:

Please note: due to COVID restrictions and complications most programming is uncertain at this point, and rental times, appointments and availability are severely limited


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